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Storm And Sanitary Line Cleaning

Our operators are highly experienced and work with speed and accuracy. We also provide you with the highest rating given for Certification in the Maintenance of Traffic in those cases where we must close down portion of a street. Not only do we clean the storm and sanitary sewer lines, we also do video pipeline inspections in Orlando and surrounding Central Florida. Also once we perform the pipeline inspection, we will repair any breaks in the pie or the manholes that need to be repaired. As State Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractors, we are fully licensed and experienced to perform any sanitary or storm sewer repairs that we find by our cleaning and video pipeline inspection crews.

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Cloud 9 Services, Inc. uses the newest Jet Vac technology to ensure the best cleaning results possible. Our Jet Vac trucks can perform both jetting and vacuuming at the same time, this is great because it provides our customers with maximum efficiency. We use efficient and quick streamlined process to clean commercial properties. This helps to ultimately minimize the amount of time it takes to complete a project saving our customers money! . One reason Florida property owners keep turning to us for Jet Vac services is because this is one service that is very cost-effective. When we do a Jet-Vac job, we also thoroughly clean the storm and sewer lines and perform a video pipe inspection to ensure everything is in order.


What we provide


We provide the following services:

  • Storm Drains
  • Catch Basins
  • Soakage Pits
  • Parking Lot Drains Our Storm drain cleaning service is the top tier drain cleaning service in South Florida.


Vacuum Truck Applications


One of our specialties is cleaning storm and sewer lines. Our high-powered vacuum trucks can remove excess rain water, leaves, and other debris from municipal storm drain systems to keep the storm line free from build-up and ready to handle anything the weather might throw at it. Sewer lines should also be cleaned regularly—we offer this service to increase flow and prevent sewer system failures. We use our vacuum trucks to maintain lift stations for varying customers. Regular lift station clean-up is vital to the continual performance of the pumps that are the station’s backbone.


Vacuum trucks remove sludge buildup from treatment plants to increase the efficiency of the plant and allow the treatment process to continue without straining the system. Construction sites, manufacturing plants, gas stations, and other industries find they have need of waste removal. Vacuum trucks provide a perfect solution: a quick, easy, and safe cleanup process that can handle bulk waste removal. Restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, and other businesses rely on vacuum trucks for their grease trap cleaning capabilities. Our vacuum trucks can rid your grease trap of its contents with great efficiency.


We work with high-quality equipment at Cloud 9 Services, Inc. Our vacuum trucks can handle sludge, fuel, grease, oil, and hazardous and nonhazardous waste. They are capable of handling waste in bulk with large tanks and are hazardous waste certified. All of our trucks meet industry standards and perform vacuuming and jetting simultaneously to provide maximum efficiency.


Remaining the BEST


No matter the job, we will always provide our professional services to our customers. We are here for our customers and will answer there calls no matter the time of the day…emergency or a minor job, we will be there. We will always put our customers first and give them what they deserve, a company that will suite there needs no matter what. In the cases of emergencies, we will make sure we are there directly and in a timely fashion.

Call us anytime you need to have your drains cleaned. We are there to help you with your needs!



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Found the number on Google, one call and there were on there way! Cloud 9 Services showed up gave a decent estimate and completed the work in a professional and timely manner.
James W.
CVS Orlando Manager
Excellent customer service and a job well done. Thanks Cloud 9!!!!
Robert C.
The technician was on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. The office staff was extremely helpful and customer oriented. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'd recommend Cloud 9 services to anyone.
Maddie C.
Ford Zone Manager Orlando